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I fell madly in love and married my husband years ago.  We have two beautiful little boys, Emerson and Everest.  This chapter in my life has taught me to slow down and soak in every moment; this is a large part of where I draw my inspiration.

As an artist, I’m most passionate about showing love at every stage of life.  I love to capture real connection, laughter, and tears.  Moments like your first kiss as husband and wife, a baby’s first breath, the way you comfort your child, or the way your husband softly kisses you on the nose…those are the moments that drive me.  It’s the real-life stuff that I find to be absolutely beautiful.

I love exploring new places and finding beautiful backgrounds for your photos, but even more than that, I love capturing breathtaking moments that reflect you and tell your story.  My passion is capturing life and all the precious details that make it up.

"I fill houses with gorgeous images reminding people of their family and true priorities.  I help tell stories that are filled with love, emotion, and connection.  It's the every day stuff that I love.  Laughs that crinkle your nose, drinking coffee in the morning light, a campfire at your favorite spot...the favorite parts of your day that reflect you.  That's what I love."

Little Known
Facts about me

I've learned how to document the beauty that people tend to overlook.

I don't like coffee, I LOVE it.

Before every birth session I've ever documented, I sit in my car and pray for my clients.

I love cream soda.  Everyday.  All day.

I'm a people watcher.

I'm either wearing pajamas or a plain t-shirt and jeans.  Either way I accessorize with food or some unknown substance thanks to my kids.

I love to be warm, can't stand being cold.

I've watched every episode of Fixer Upper, I'm obsessed with decorating Urban Farmhouse style.

I'm from New Mexico, so green chili runs through my blood.


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